Wednesday, January 06, 2010

The class / Entre les murs

the second film of the year
and another great one!

The Class - Entre les murs
will touch anybody who ever has been to a school
the teacher, the students, their relationships
the glory of an education system, and its many flaws
all portrayed so naturally that, in spite of being in French,
takes you back to the classroom of your youth

i won't say more since i am not a good reviewer
but the man who wrote this review is,
& here the trailer but as one of the comments in youtube said,
"This trailer doesn't accurately represent how truly awesome this movie is."

watch it! watch it! watch it!
you'll love it
a high-class film, superb dialogues
that were improvised in many cases
while following the plot of the book
written by François Bégaudeau
who plays himself in the film
as Mr. Marin, and just like in high school,
i am in love with the teacher

and while you watch, remember,
the young students in the film are NOT actors
they are actual students from Dolto High
a high-school in a not-so-romantic neighborhood of Paris

a last recommendation, if you watch it on DVD
do not fall into temptation of watching
the dubbed version in English...
it is much better on the original French version
with English subtitles, it's wide-screen too
so the subtitles do go over the film,
but on the horizontal black bar below

and the irony!
to think i had this DVD at home for 4 or 5 months
and never watched it before
'cause i was too busy with my CSS "class"
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