Tuesday, December 29, 2009


2009 comes to an end
i spend the last days of it,
living some time-off

after enjoying a lovely yet hectic week
with my mom visiting in San Diego,
shopping, visiting friends, and running around

my mom and I at The Old Soud

now i seat and relax and do not much...
unrushed coffee in the mornings
bread, jam, with a side of sweet slow,
then a yoga class in the morning or a walk

it's Dec. 29th and i bought myself a lateish Christmas gift,
this lovely yoga mat bag, on white, light blue and pale yellow boats,
like inviting to let your OMs roll all the way to San Diego's shores...
with big round buttons and cute metal button on top,
i have 2 yoga mats, but never a yoga mat bag before
[insert picture of wide smile here]

cooking slow lunch, like baked potatoes for an hour
with chopped tomatoes, vinegar,
slowness, laziness, smilingness and olive oil

i was about to take a picture of the fresh baked potato but couldn't resist,
i stopped right before i finished it, only it could be documented

and many coffee cups and plenty of tea pots
from this and other worlds...
and some fruit too, so the guilt is not too strong

am really liking it a lot,
this end-of-the-year's idle song...
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