Thursday, October 29, 2009

happy 40th anniversary Internet dear

a day like today, but 40 years ago
the Internet was born
with a broken message: LO
the 1st message was supposed to be 'login'
but one of the computers crashed
sounds familiar?

today the news is all over, well, the internet
a self-celebration
and following back steps comes
the 1st attempt of connecting 2 computers
through a network, the ARPANET
i read it all a while ago
on a book my friend perro lent me

[ highly recommendable if you are interested
in knowing how is it that now-a-days you can read
posts like this, a couple millions more
and counting... then meet people online, and in my case
to actually have a job
(i spent about 80% of my time at work
writing HTML and CSS and plenty at home
surfing, reading, writing, posting, uploading,
downloading, eExisting...)]

ah yes, the book is
Were Wizards Stay Up Late:
The Origins Of The Internet

it's very exciting to read about
the guys who were able to transform
human communications forever
& why such a project was intended for

and i just realized, '69 is my birth year too
i am as old as the internet...

and i think there's no cooler way to celebrate
than to visit Kevin Kelly's superb project
The Internet Mapping Project
[don't skip reading his soulful eIntroduction]

he has collected 'sketches' or 'maps' of the internet
on his flickr site for a while now
these sketches go from cute & funny to bizarre
and you can even download, sketch,
and submit yours here!
a few of the maps, click to enlarge
and read the age, occupation, and hours
the drawers spend on the internet
very interesting!

and here you can see all the 113 Kelly has so far
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