Sunday, September 27, 2009


i am moving!!
same neighborhood, right down the street literaly
still stressful/busy times ahead
more to come soon...

am gonna miss my little yard so much!!!
this new place: no yard, but 1 bedroom
here is a studio

it will feel more 'urban' to live in a 2nd floor
more of an apartment complex than a little cottage
but this place has NO insulation
every winter is coooold, sometime colder than the outside?
and well, that doesn't matter much in Sunny Diego
the problem is the summer...
and the alley full of cars, & the cats
roaming around outside, Gato got another abscess
hospital of Cats for 2 nights... gotta keep them indoors
even if they hate it, but can't keep them indoors
in such a small place, so moving to a 1 bedroom
where they won't have access to my room
still it's gonna be hell for them, and for me
to leave the outdoors and settle in an apartment
yet at least it's triple size of this place
bigger kitchen, 1 bedroom, and much bigger living room
than my whole studio now

ahhh... hope i did the right thing...
wish me luck!!
and of course more bloggy-gossip
and hopefully some pix coming soon

of the yard what i'll miss the most
all the little plants i planted here
and the BIG palm outside my home
which grew from about 5' since 2005
to about 25' now, it's way taller than my house

and to think nobody is going to water them

and i am going to miss the many birds i feed
i won't miss their mess of seeds
but by now, at least 20 mourning doves
4 or 5 blue jays, and about 30 of the little
"common" city birds, those little brown ones
come every day!
plus 2 chubby skunks...
nobody is going to feed them anymore...

but heck, my health demands an extra room

ah sighs
hope i get used to my new place
can't wait to have the keys, so i can really explore
changing Sunday
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