Tuesday, September 08, 2009

broken-hearted (or lungs) blues

i am broken hearted
i went to the doctor today
'cause i have a swollen finger
probably a spider bite he said...
but then he got to listen to my lungs

and oh boy!
my oxygen levels are really really low
from a normal 300 points
i got 120...
i saw it coming
i've been wheezing a LOT and having to
use my fast inhaler almost twice a day

and i saw it coming too
i am allergic to the Gatos, i knew it
no matter how much benadryl i take
or how many times i wash all around my home
when you are asthmatic, you are asthmatic
and when you are allergic to cats, well, you are
and not much can't be done

so... i am so sad and confused
not to mention tired

dunno what to do about my beloved Gatos
who i finally seem to have taken care of
to a point where they feel OK, with a home
and not living in the alley
but now this...

i am on Corticosteroids (QVar) inhaler for 2 weeks
and having to use my allbuterol inhaler for a while

and i must find a solution to deal with the cats
i could move to a place with 1 bedroom to
leave them outside my room
(i live in a studio now)
but also, they love this place so much
they are able to go out (most of the time they
are outside my house...)
and they got attached to this place more than to me
although by now they roll over & purr
when they see me...

as my mom & my best friend said
some illumination might fall to my head
(and lungs) and i will have to make a decision
to move or how to deal with the cats sooner
than later

or in the meantime, and thanks to my new
friend blogger's inspiration Diatton
of listening to some incredible blues
i could well write the "asmathic & the cats"

to all my friends who i owe replies
comments, etc. please bare with me
i am stupidly busy at work these days
taking a class, and fighting with myself
to get some air in my lungs...

here some info on asthma, that i should
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