Wednesday, August 19, 2009

tv & kitchen piece

TV watching

kitchen piece

i haven't photographed much lately
lack of time and/or
the automatic focus of my dslr broke
{not that i use it all the time, yet is a bit
to work with a known broken apparatus
specially one loves so much...}
uninspiring scenes
and another hundred lame excuses
i hide under my procrastinating sleeve
not to post photographs as often
as before

but the truth is...
42? well, not really
the truth is that i set for myself
higher standards, the latest photos i have on 23
are of stunning sunsets, or skies
and they are stunning not because of my photos
but because they were, regardless of who photographed
so now i feel sort of bad to post silly photos
also the standards of the site have become so high!
almost every photograph is a piece of art
& i feel silly to post less than very good photos...
so, the material i have these days, is from indoor photos
from my dirty kitchen, or my swollen feet
or of cats asleep, and home messes

i haven't been to walk on the beach or the park
or anywhere too interesting for that matter
so i just don't post, until tonight when i thought
enough!!! after all i started posting randomly
unimportant and not very stunning pictures
and i had so much fun with it!
nobody commented on them, so maybe i had more
freedom to post anything no matter
how stupid, blurry, or with low quality it was

so tonight here, not on 23, sadly
and 'cause i don't have 4 photos in a row
as i've been posting always on 23
always at least 4 photos at the time
since the beginning of my posting there
in late 2005
(a bit, or a lot of an obsessive rule
i have NO plans to change...)
therefore gladly here in this ranting
stupidity chronographed
one bad moody picture
or two, from my home scenes
uncompromisingly bad
unresistingly blurry
bad-lighted orange
here we go...
as posted above
{with a very Nike attitude
of just do it...}

ah!! the pleasure, of not having to please no-one!
specially/mainly one-self...
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