Monday, January 12, 2009

this is single-song internet-radio

looking around old files in my computer
i came across this bossa cubana song
and this old .gif file made by my friend insky
they were together in the same webpage
and were part of a little old tradition of mine
that i called 'the internet radio'

it was before i wrote deaf words on this blog
(or is it in???)
or uploaded photos on 23,
it was a good way of sharing with my friends
the songs i like combined with my photos

so almost nightly i uploaded a selected song
accompanied by a photo taken by me recently
and e-mailed the links

so, tonight
i revived here the old little tradition
of the nightly pix & radio

oh Monday's night idle hours!
anywaysss, hoping you enjoy the little .gif
borrowed and the Zafiros cuban song
recorded in the 60's

Nota: hope to share more songs and images
to go with, follow the links for information
on the musicians and/or songs
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