Monday, December 01, 2008

a Monday dissertation on mortality, tea, and bees

on my drive home from work
on a foggy evening
this poor bee got stuck to my windshield
i tried to leave it behind in some bushes in a stop attempt
before jumping on the freeway

she refused!
and more on a stubbornly fashion than a proud act
she decided to face what i think was his/her
detachment from life

ah! the imminent mortality!
she flew away, but i will never be sure
of her late fortune

once at home, i looked for some warm comfort
the nightly, almost automatic arrival routine
rinsed the tea pot, roar-boiled water
ripped the fragrant little bag of tea
instantly, a cozy feeling invaded me
an ease lifted my spirit
and my soul with the satisfaction
of arriving to one's home
and then i carefully read
my homely tea advice

and what is my surprise!
to my rhetoric on mortality thoughts
on a Monday evening
while driving a bee on the freeway,
i got answered by this anonymous tea-advice

do you believe in coincidences?


do you believe in tea, bees, and home-made magic
in a foggy California town?
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