Tuesday, December 09, 2008

ah! Christmas again

[a lovely traditional red Cardinal, a mini-ornament
one of those old-fashioned now-infamous chinese led toys]

so Christmas has arrived, officially, to meinem kleinen Haus
¡si si si!
Feliz Navidad und Merry Christmas & all that!

[this crown was a gift from my friend Stephanie
she moved, driving all the way, from San Diego to Michigan
no room for x-mas stuff]

a weekend of dusting off the old little tree
& recovering cheap ornaments that i stored mixed with memoirs
of past Christmas, past homes, past friends
this will be my 3rd Christmas
in this little so cold/so warm home
my rented shaky little house

[the little trees was a gift from my friend Iliana
back in 2001! for the 1st Christmas i spent in San Diego]

and as you see ornaments and lights
you might think i am a Christmas aficionado
and not always have i been a Christmas fan
i have had my years of holiday-dissidence
mostly discouraged by the senseless profiteering
of the season

but then these later years of my life
some romantic sentiment warms me up
when holidays and traditions come around
and i forget about the economics of holidays
and just enjoy the warm good side of them
i guess i got tired of fighting
i guess i am OK with things i wasn't OK when i was younger
i guess is the coldish weather
i guess is the age

but also...
i am starting to suspect
that Christmas like other cheerful dates
is for romantic fools, for innocent children,
for candid believers, and softies on advanced age
and since i do have a bit of all of the above

sure then too!
my little inexpensive non-matching ornamented
little merry Christmas i enjoy!

& i hope you enjoy yours too!
and don't forget to hang a little ornament
or two, on your table, on your door
but mostly, put a little Christmas light
between your soul

[even for my little outside table
i had a tree, a very cheap one i got a while ago
in a thrift store, this is the one with the miniature
love red cardinals]
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