Sunday, November 23, 2008

thursday bad, friday not

last Thursday was bad
migraine again
and no work

Friday, not so bad!
finished the 1st scarf of the Autumn
with left overs of yarn from last year
so it's a shorty one

and following a long-time ago advice
from my dear friend al
i now got a more colorful yarn
to make more psychedelic scarfs while snoozing out
behind the TV on the colder evenings this winter
and yes! we do have some cool nights in San Diego

also Friday got to wear my new walking-witch model

they are really comfortable!
and remind me of the shoes i wore
on the 70's when i was a girl
i haven't wear shoes with laces, except for tennis shoes
in a while, i thought these would be good for a change

and in the evening, i got my tea-advice
from my cup of Good Earth tea
a sweet and spicy blend
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