Sunday, November 09, 2008


yesterday on a beautiful chilly Sunday in San Diego

i went for a walk at the Balboa Park

to finally become member of the
the Museum Of Photographic Arts

I got the membership for a year
and now i can go in & out of the museum free
also i am invited to special events and presentations
and to this cool event on Thursdays called
Pop Thursdays
that combines cult film screening
music, interactive photography projects, and even drinks...

one very interesting exhibition i saw yesterday was
Writing with Light
it shows the work of young students
who were presented with works of literature
fiction and non-fictions and then
expressed their thoughts by photos
a very interesting connection between
literature and photography

i saw some really interesting photos
you wouldn't believe these are young authors!

and also i was able to visit the old classic
to see some Paul Strand little prints
and some always impressive Ansel Adams

and them rushed out of there to practice
my experimental photography
see here below what i call
urban fingers trapped on a small dirty car

and hopefully with all these wonderful photos
whooshing by my head
i might be able to work again in my abandoned
23hq photo page!
i do miss my friends there and playing with my picts
but there are just so little hours in one day!
this has for sure become one busy Herbst
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