Monday, May 19, 2008

das letzte Quiz

Ich habe morgen die letzte Deutschstunde und das letzte Wortschatz Quiz
am Donnerstag, der Endtest
here the last words i have to learn
to end Kapitel 11 (elf)

and even though I won't miss
being out of my house
jeden Dienstag und Donnerstag um 8 Uhr und zurück um 20 Uhr...

i will indeed miss Frau Wrasidlo
and her marvelous lectures
always so throughly and efficient
again and again over the primary and secondary endings
over the strange word order in German sentences
and always highlights her classes with some German
cultural tidbits, comments over German idiosyncrasies
and some Berliners anecdotes...
indeed the best
'foreign Language' professor I ever had
and once of the best professors overall
of my whole career

sie ist eine fantastische Frau!
as you can read here in a couple of
students reviews

and what a treat when one finds a good professor
like Frau Barbara Wrasidlo
one of those who change one's life
because, yes, one can learn from books
from life, and even from the internet
but nothing like getting knowledge on the place
where knowledge was meant to be imparted
on a public school...
ah! i am pretty lucky to be an adult student
now that learning is not a duty
but a pleasure...
although i still complain while doing
Hausaufgabe and repeating

i consider myself pretty lucky
of have learned a little of German
such a schweres Sprache!

and even if i am too far from knowing the language well
at least i feel safe now to go to Germany
and say one of the most common phrases
in any language

ich möchte etwas zu essen
i would like something to eat
me gustaría algo de comer

oh what one does for love,
even learning Deutsch...

und etwas lieber
straight from Germany
Lieber Gruß!

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