Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my eyebrows hurt (the sandwiches and vermouth edition)

i know it sounds idiotic
but my eyebrows hurt!
not the hair itself
but more the bones that go
right behind the line of the eyebrow

a strange pain, like a muscular pain
not itchy, the skin not sore, and not a headache
really... but
just... pain?

oh my eyebrows!
ach meine Augenbrauen!
¡ay ay mis cejas!
[this translation made me laugh
i am such an idiot translating this
but i laugh, hope you too!]

mmm? i've been working a lot with
Photoshop and dealing with a
detailed image today, and i squint my eyes
sometimes a lot...
and i read a good load of Deutsch last night
'cause i had der Kapitel 9 Test

and it's April's Fool
April! April!
[...in Deutschleid heh heh]

so anyway, this day did fool me
and end up being... the day!
the day...
of the fool-me eyebrow pain

still hurts!

and i wrote something about this day
on a piece of paper at school
a sentimental note and then i couldn't find it
some kid at school might be laughing over me now
or worse, just on the floor, so...

so i will drink a vermouth
i don't think people drink vermouth straight anymore
i drink it straight, but with ice
my mother says it's an old's people drink
but i have a vermouth once or twice a week

my favorite one is Cinzano
but this one Di Torino Rosso that i found
at Trader Joe's is pretty decent, not the best
but not like there is a lot to judge over a vermouth
or is there?
Il Vermouth è un vino aromatizzato vecchio di...6000 anni...

and yes... technically my mother called me old
yes, i might behave stubbornly old-er sometimes
manchmal manchmal...
a veces, a veces...

so that's why i cure myself with these
oh sand-wi-ches, like that, slow... and soft
thank you John!, Earl of Sandwich
for this rather international mouthwatering word
with no translation required word...

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