Saturday, April 26, 2008

leaving for Coachella

the menace of an over heated desert
stands firm! 100° F (37.77777777777778° C) at the
Coachella Valley

but then, often happens that what appears
so threating, ends just as a soft memory
like this April's 15 sky... its threat faded
in some drops and moisture and now so dry
again... so

no fear! and in a couple of hours i head to the festival
and while i am gone
in this little meantime i leave you some music here
my friend perro (aka dj ix, aka my boss at work grrr)
has been writing and producing electronic music
for a while now, at least since i met him in 2001
listen here his latest song
and for some more, click on looprication

and now to sleep a couple of hours
before driving into the desert
the Coachella Valley that will be
a sizzling sea of desert full of adventurers
swimming among the sweet floating music

and shall i wear flowers on my head?
no! i am not that hippie...
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