Monday, April 07, 2008


just as there is junk food
there is plenty of junk literature

when i feel a little too susceptible
and don't want to really question
my intellect nor my soul too much
i stick to junk...
both, food and literature

being afraid that a too-good book
might caught my interest too deeply
or could drive my soul to ponder
over the subtilities that form
the filigree of one's soul and core...
good books get to the core
cheaper novellas, don't.
or a too great meal could awake
senses are better to keep dormant

good things awaken you
and sometimes to survive
one has to be a little dull
somehow aloof...

so this past Sunday
like under a spell
i read over 200 pages
of Mrs. Diane Mott Davidson
first "culinary mystery"
Catering to Nobody
that actually is kind of a 'cute'
mystery, a divorced woman
whose supports her 11 year old
with catering businesses and gets involved
into a murder...

so while i chowed down some really fatty fries
i read recipes mixed with murder

junk, sometimes so good for the soul
even if not for the heart, and certainly
nor for the intellect...

oh! and i have junk socks too!
my mother gave me these
they are sort of silly and
not very adult...
but they come in very handy
when i run out of clean laundry

'cause sometimes you have to rehearse
your disconnection notice
[this is an amazing live version!]
and then stop playing the diva games
and wear anything...
but the mild lovely noise cuddles me
yes this mild noise
does beautifully corrupts my soul
but no danger on it at all ...
this my band of always

and there is a SYR
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