Sunday, March 09, 2008

time loss, weight gain

today the day loses 1 hour
daylight saving time

meine Eieruhr (oder Sanduhr) - meine Küche
my egg-timer (sand clock) - my kitchen
reloj de arena - mi cocina

and an hour less or an hour more
we cannot stop the pass of time
here my little 3 minute sand-clock
i use it for brewing teas and running eggs
and every time it dances up-side down
i know i have 3 minutes less
or have gained 3 more...

but not all is lost, some is gained!

and since i have been eating very well
i have gained some pounds!!

this morning's "light" breakfast
mein "kleines" Frühstück
mmm, latkes...
those potato pancakes,
eggs and wheat pancake
plus sauces, not so light, i think...
oh the coffee was great though
Peet's Garuda Blend

last night's 3rd dinner
a delicious Double Chocolate Stout
an indulgent Bier beer cerveza

at the end all balances itself out
what??!! noooo...
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