Thursday, March 20, 2008

my little: Frühling/Spring/Primavera, make your choice

Man spürt das Herannahen des Frühlings.
You can sense the coming of Spring.
El inicio de la Primavera.

[and this is how it looks... my little private Spring]

[portraits of the little flowers i planted last year blooming
right in time for Spring, and my tired leg still with shoe after
a long day at work and a light dinner, now gone... ]

and as for the in-3-different-languages vocables
for this season, i stick to the one in Español

i think is the most-adequate sounding one for
what this season represents

surely, and at least to my mexican ears
Primavera, sound much accurate
than Frühling or Spring

yet a matter of taste, of course
i hope if you read here
you submit your vote...
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