Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lars Von Trier's Riget ("The Kingdom")

i rented in DVD the danish TV series
by Lars Von Trier, Riget or 'The Kingdom'

strange european TV series indeed
the series is 4 episodes, 2 on each DVD
last weekend i watched episodes 1 and 2
and going for the 3rd one right now...
there's a certain pleasure to watch ghost-stories
during the hours day
rather than dulling the day with its sun
the mystery, the mystery itself filters
into the little clouds up in the blue sunny sky
a good thriller is one that makes you chill your skin
at the plain sunlight

here the intro to the series
that have a spooky sepia-ish cinematography
and some angeled shots
wonderfully dark visuals of mister director
Lars Von Trier
some scenes taste very David Lynch too

here the text in English of the introduction
that talks of the origins and the land where nowadays
stands an advanced and modern danish Hospital
were strange things happens and the building itself
starts to cry down its own structure...

The Kingdom Hospital rests on ancient marshland
where the bleaching ponds once lay.
Here the bleachers moistened their great spans of cloth.
The steam evaporating from the wet cloth
shrouded the place in permanent fog.
Centuries later the hospital was built here.
The bleachers gave way to doctors and researchers,
the best brains in the nation and the most perfect technology.
To crown their work they called the hospital The Kingdom.
Now life was to be charted, and ignorance and superstition
never to shake the bastions of science again.
Perhaps their arrogance became too pronounced,
and their persistent denial of the spiritual.
For it is as if the cold and damp have returned.
Tiny signs of fatigue are appearing in the solid, modern edifice.
No living person knows it yet, but the gateway to the Kingdom
is opening once again.

and the trailers

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