Friday, November 23, 2007

der Herbst rund um das Büro

i know this thought of the day
might sound a bit Klischee (cliché) but...

i think is so true and well it is
a Buddha quote after all
and he is one of the 7 mystic ones
along with Hermes Trismegisto, creator of El Kybalion
and Corpus Hermeticum
and the Hermeticism philosophy
but now i am getting into the dark side
let's go back to Buddha's bright one
he said:

Cultivate a friend whose ways are seven:
1. He gives what is hard to give
2. does what is hard to do
3. bears what is hard to bear
4. he confesses his own secrets and keeps your secrets.
5. in times of trouble he does not forsake you, ...
6. and he does not forsake you when you are down.
- Buddha.
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