Sunday, September 16, 2007

lernen Deutsch

another busy afternoon
lerner Deutsch
die Stuhl draußen:
-kaffee! <-- die Zutat Zahlen eins
-vegetarian 'chicken' nuggets with Barbecue Sauce
-Erdäpfelpüree (afterall, i am learning Deutsch, potatoes are indispensable too!)
-die Bücher
-das Heft
-der Kugelschreiber
-die Bleistifte
-das Radiergummi

and after a couple of hours
i went for a little walk
escaped to a book store
and got me this kleine Buch
José Saramago's
"El Cuento de la Isla Desconocida"

the tale of the unknown island...
in Spanish, ah!
a spanish treat after all this Deutsch and English in my life

Saramago will provide some of my 1st language
when i have a little time! don't know when that
happen again...

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