Friday, December 07, 2007


so much we depend on them
this one to keep my food cold...

machines. machines. machines.

today, middle of a rush working day
went home to get a new fridge!

courtesy of San Diego Gas & Electric company

after months of high electricity prices
i enrolled to a subsidiary program
they improved a couple of things already
but over all

they exchanged the old fridge that came with this house
for a new one! even a little bigger in internal capacity
but that uses less energy
and all with no cost neither for me nor for the landlord
good deal on California trying to go green!

old and new (both full size American fridges!)
and for such a small house, is really a treat

and here a little homage to my old fridge
and his full-of-stuff doors
farewell old machine, for a couple
of years you were my machine cold friend

máquinas de hacer frío
kalt-macht Maschine
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