Wednesday, November 21, 2007

pre-thanksgiving: pumpkin pies

another Thanksgiving dinner
again i join the same friends
that have invited me the past 2 years
they home-made everything
and this year
my contribution to the dinner here
2 pumpkin pies
(the big ones)
the smalls ones
1 for my neighbor and the rest
mit Kaffee ah! für das Wochenende
Frühstück is such a nice Deutsch word!

i baked the whole evening
and even getting the pumpkin
already cooked
i hope next year i can make it from fresher pumpkin
but need to add a couple of hours to the recipe

happy Thanksgiving, an American holiday
i adapted very well, wonder why?
nothing to do with the turkey, nor the mashed potatoes
nor the green beans and pumpkin pie
not at all...

the ingredients as seen this morning
i use always the recipe on the back of the can of
Libby's pumpkin
the recipe is from 1950 and still works so fine!

beating & beating eggs

step 3 of the recipe
mixing all the ingredients

ready to bake
{on the already-baked photo, der Wein glass is gone... hi hi}

finally! here
some whipped cream and café
ah! can't wait...
hope they survive for tomorrow
i have a history of sleeping-walking-eating...
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