Thursday, November 08, 2007

ich feier der Dialog and a Cold War Kids song

tonight i had my
Oral Exam for German 101
ich feire sehr gern!
meine Professorin sagen: sehr gut!
Wahnsinnig gut!!!
18 0ut of 20

sehr gut!
then... i guess heh heh
so i drink cheap Kalifornien rot Wein
Charles Shaw
yes the infamous Two Buck Chuck

und jetzt höre die Rockmusik
[i find so funny/cute the word Rockmusik...
the fact that is one word, oh germans, nice!]

i freaking love this song!

these Cold War Kids
i just know these song by them
but i think is a great song
great lyrics and nice
even-though high voice
and great song-writing

good mixture of catchy
and good high rock
nice for some rot Wein
und sprechen das defekt defective 'pobrecito' Deutsch
i like the video idea

gotta find more of these Cold War Kids
in the meantime
cheers, salud, und Prost!
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