Monday, November 05, 2007

arthur machen, droste cacao, and kahlúa

good remedy for a new-daylight savings time

yesterday we switched to winter schedule on the clock

today i walked out of the office at 5.30pm (17.30 Uhr)
and it was already night

i came home and sulked
i am not really depressed but really sleepy this Monday
an for a good November not even a little sunlight, ah! sighs
so i switched from sandals to black tights and black shoes

my stinky feet, my old-lady shoes, my "new" book

but here at home i got into reading
wonderful Welsh author Arthur Machen
surreal and dark
the literary Gothic...
perfect to set for wintry nights

and to keep the body warm
hot milk with 100% cacao Droste
from Holland! mmmm!
the nederlands yum!

all in the blender with a shot
of Mexican Café Liquor

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