Thursday, October 25, 2007

things getting better in San Diego and the Fish is fine!

there are still active fires around San Diego county
but in the city of San Diego itself there are NO active fires!

my office is open again!
and silly Bush arrived today to offer Federal help
to the affected areas

the number of evacuees at Qualcomm Stadium
has reduced from 12,000 yesterday
to just 3,000 today! many people have been allowed
to go back home, since many areas have been cleared out
from being in danger of fire

and then cute news come out of the ashes
like this woman on this morning's newspapter
who was evacuated
her house was affected, but she found alive
his son's pet fish, maybe 'cause i have a fish too
this was good news

starting to see things clearer these fiery days
in San Diego

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