Saturday, October 20, 2007

my little corner of the world

this is where
from the shadows of my heart
i hide
and where the hopes of my days
rest alone

where i read
where i dream of the days to come
where sometimes i softly too cry
here is where i study and forget too

where i miss you
where i love you and think of you

this is my little corner
where besides the hopes
i keep some dusty plants
that in purple flowers shape
smile at me now & then

i have read many words here
and listened to the sound of hummingbirds
flying over my head
every day find a place to hide
in the outside

my little corner on this world
right on 34th Street
as i told you
on a muttered tired voice
on an missing-you-again lonely night

if you could one day
enter this private space
would mean
you have entered and stayed
in the most precious corner of my
heart and the garden of my soul
if you want to find out
what inside of me, is really about...

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