Tuesday, October 23, 2007

500,000 San Diegans to evacuate

the newspaper this morning
October 23, 2007 said
300,000 evacuees
but by 10 pm so far
500,000 people
have been evacuated from their homes!

the major evacuation center is in Qualcomm Stadium

the situation according to evacuees and refugees is under control
so far
very few injured people or firemen
which is the most important part

but sadly the fires are still not under control!

where i live, you cannot see any of the fires
but you can smell the smoke pretty heavy and the sky is orange and smoky
here a map of the Fires around the county
from the San Diego County Emergency Web page
Oct 23, 2007 at 6 pm

the blue dot is where i live, so pretty much the fires are below and above... and well to see those acres and acres of terrain and homes burning, is just heart-breaking... many parts of the area of San Diego county are used to grow avocados, oranges, or grow livestock... many animals shelters are receiving horses, large pets, goats, birds, etc.

very sad situtation, schools are closed, and well, strange to say but sadly our offices are closed, like 1/2 San Diego offices

it seems that Thursday will be the day when things will be better with the wind so the things are expected to calm down then,
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