Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Willkommen in Deutsch 101!

Wie geht's?
today i had my 1st german class
it is a great satisfaction to go back to a college level class

an empty classroom in Mesa College - from tonight
today i learned that:

- Mein Name ist Berenice
- der Professor Name ist Doris Herwig oder Frau Herwig

she seems like a very nice lady
from the south of Germany
a little town 45 minutes from München
named Augsburg
also, she said that cows wear a bell in the south of Germany
but not in the North, i wonder if that is true
and that

DAS - is the neutral article
DIE - is the feminine one
DER - is the masculine

and Das Alphabet sounds
the letter ß
and the infamous use of the Umlaut

also, unlike in Spanish
there is NO way to know which nouns go with which article
so there is a lot of memorization to do!
no wonder germans are so crazy, heh heh

we had also little conversations among students
where we asked:
a: Wie geht's dir?
b: Sehr gut, danke. Und dir?
a: Prima, danke.

it was fun!
me mexican and the american kids
we were all the same a little confused

anyway, i am exhausted but i feel refreshed
to put some german knowledge
and for that matter any sort of knowledge
inside this hard head of mine!

my new books here (a little pricey)
Neue Horizonte
a freaking $117.00 book, ouch!
I feel the most expensive part of education in the USA
is the books
but at least this one includes the lessons
for another 2 semesters, for German 102, and 103
so... i still have to get the Laboratory book
another $50 dollars, and a good dictionary
still never best money invested than in education
i just hope i really can learn
a hard language, 5 credits for the class

it is sort of strange to sometimes still think in Spanish
specially while i am too tired
so today my little head had to translate a couple of times
from Spanish to English (the lessons are in English of course)
to German... hmmm? rather interesting how this brain thing works

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