Thursday, May 24, 2007

must-watch films (part 1): Darren Aronofsky

oh this blog!...
trying to do something useful out of it
i can classify some of my favorite films!
if you happen to read this...
please consider these films on your list!
i will try to post now & then more about films
that i think are good films

for a start:
2 films from young director Darren Aronofsky

π or Pi- Faith in Chaos

a claustrophobic-as-a-migraine but very brilliant noir film
a superb brainiac thriller! please don't miss it

the photography is black & white, high contrast and a bit noisy
the music, a great IDM (intelligent dance music) soundtrack!

& the damn headaches! that i so much relate
and Sean Gullette's acting

π trailer
"Mathematics is the language of nature..."
"There will be no order, only chaos..."


and the second film by Aronofsky
Requiem for a Dream
(a great link here with a very tricky well-done official web-site)

after watching the film, I couldn't stop thinking,
and sulking, and being depressed for a couple of hours...
still, this is one of the best films I have ever seen on human addictions

it is heart-breaking because it is truthful
a very well-done film with great actors
beautiful Jennifer Connelly
and over all you must watch because of
Ellen Burstyn acting!
she won an Oscar as leading actress
for this film!!!

Requiem for a Dream trailer

another Requiem for a Dream trailer [worth watching!]

I relate this film with Trainspotting because of the thematic
and Trainspotting was a great film too, very shocking, sarcastic...
yet... Requiem for a Dream, I feel goes even deeper
the sarcasm becomes irony
the intensity of how easy a dream could be broken
excellent photography and cinematography
great soundtrack too
another must-watch film! strong, excellent!
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