Wednesday, May 30, 2007

el cairel

as life goes on
i learn to accept some parts of myself
i didn't like before
sometimes, when i feel not very "perfect"
on the vanity department
i remember i am thankful for being a complete being
for having all my body parts
some looking better some showing the age
& the law of gravity being strictly obeyed...

and this curl on the back of my head
i have seen it since i was age 5 or as long
as i can remember
in my days of ironing my hair to make it straight
(yeah i was a fashion victim once)
i used to hate the curl on those days
my hair was straight, sleek! but if i pull it up
the damn curl was there...
as to scream to the world:
"this woman, has NO straight hair,
she's just a fake!..."
now these days i could care less for doing much to my hair
i appreciate its wildness and rebel impositions
and i mostly tie it up on a ponny tail
I've fight the curl with gels, and other pasty remedies
but invariably, after a couple of hours...
or sometimes minutes,
of either heat, or sweat, or cold, or anyway
the damn curls comes back again

tonight, i finally came to peace with it
when i saw my own reflection at the gym
among many mirrors i barely recognize myself!
some women were wearing the same generic gray as me
but among all the mirrors i saw my curl
and i recognize myself
oh i like it so much now
probably, now... it will fade
such is life, such is faith...

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