Thursday, February 01, 2007

on self-realization and yoga

tonight i am too tired to write
although i just sent an e-mail to a friend
who asked me on Kundalini yoga

so here i just paste what i just wrote him
since reflects what i have been doing the last days
with yoga & exercise

of course i am still crazy
some days more some days less
even with the yoga
and crazy and troubled i think i will go to the grave

cheers, at least i took another class tonight
and feel better, specially after the neat walk this morning
(yes i escaped from work) to the Mission Trails
a neat little park at the East (finale) of Clairemont Mesa Blvd.
beautiful California!

here the yoga letter that i wrote to my friend:

On the self-realization and yoga… very interesting too! Yes I am a little familiar with Yogananda Paramahansa, as I think I mentioned before to you, I do have his book Autobiography of a Yogi, I started reading it but I already had a couple of books going on, so I set it aside. I think is worth mentioning to you that is one of my mother’s favorite books of all times and also of one of my friends’. Now that you mentioned it too, actually since I saw it on your profile, I felt that it was just another ‘sign’ for me to finally pick it up and finish it. I think is great that you are practicing some kind of meditation at least once a week, most people these days just watch TV and settle for the pre-package happiness that modern and western life offers, and don’t look much inside themselves. I have always considered myself a spiritual person too, but I am rather undisciplined, to confess, the Homer Simpson in me sometimes is stronger than the Lisa. I am somehow familiar with some spiritual practices and I have always been interested in them. I remember a couple of years ago I read a couple books in Spanish on Buddhism, which I don't consider at all a religion, but just the growth of your own awarness, the development of kindness and care towards others and personal wisdom (I need plenty of this one). And now that I moved to California (I live in San Diego since 2001) I have been meeting more people interested in the field.

At the end of the last year, I finally enrolled the YMCA since I needed exercise and my regular schedule and disorganization wasn’t leaving much room for it. So right away I enrolled the Kundalini yoga classes, sometimes I take Hata yoga or fitness yoga classes too, yet Kundalini is for much my favorite, it includes respiratory exercises and some meditation and mantras chanting too, very fulfilling, I do feel nicely altered and slightly different internally after just a couple of classes.

And I guess is a problem of our times and culture to be more ‘cerebral’ than less emotive and soulful, yet as you mentioned once you discover a path then you start growing more in so many areas of your life!
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