Monday, February 05, 2007

Dissipating the brumous

The past 2 days have been a rush of blood to the head
Crossing the border 7am Sunday morning / aunt to Tijuana airport
About to leave the parking lot
Hey! I have 2 more hours of free parking in Tijauan… so
A still-in-pajamas border fence photo shot session
The 2 magical hours!

Forgot how much I love parking lots, mostly the empty ones
And the further away from home, the better
The creative process restoring the soul
in contact with yourself real time
While creating or 30 years ago: playing
In this case, I - with my cheap camera, aha!
Away from any communication media
And meeting random every day people
chat with a parking lot employee
A woman on her late 30’s, with a life so different than mine
3 kids, second husband, part time job
the guy carrying suitcases, 28, arrived to Tijuana a year ago
wife and kid in Michoacán, expecting for pay check monthly
he smiled nicely, wisely, when he spoke of his son

wow life was outside in parking lot at the Tijuana airport
then I saw the fence again, and what are those posters?
Images and energy re-considering a come back

a man standing, can see he's from a mexican small town
are you a reporter, señorita?
many people from the TV and radio come to see the posters...
a broken smile with missing teeth through these
his sunny soul made merry appearance
wearing wool checkered jacket
sun shining
clouds smiling

And tonight, unexpected late small banquet
at Parkhouse eatery, a fine selection of fish, meat, & seafood
little crab cakes
crème brule & a very small glass of champagne
on a Monday night? Things like these doesn’t happen anymore
and certainly not to me lately

all after a week of being host of one of the most wonderful and pure gold heart women
in the world, mi tia Margarita, a delight of human being

maybe I was taking life too serious?
And I forgot to wink at it?
I felt fine to believe in my old-fashioned quirky self tonight
In the weird slightly crazy completely foolish woman I am
but people smiled back

Not sure what’s turning around in my life today
And yesterday
guess the brumous was getting too thick
but as the days get warmer
life seems to be coming back around
to dissipate it

vinyl posters from Fence of the Mexican-American border
Tijuana, BCN México - February 05, 2007
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