Wednesday, January 03, 2007

full moon fever

the moon rises full high above
while the night temperature drops cold
like a cycle
they balance together
they come & they go

& my lonely body yearns for an affectionate touch

i wonder if by now
have i forgotten how to kiss?
how to caress?
how to warmly hold a hand - fingers interweaved?
and how to truly, someone, love?

solitude can hurt a woman’s body
sensual dissatisfaction
leaking from the physical
and damaging my soul

drip drip drip
no touch

another cold winter night
laying on my bed
embracing myself
with my colder own

a half woman
unilateral climax
for a long time
has been cut off

also, i found this post back from april 2006, title:
esta mañana
of pencil, of paper, of another sort of love
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