Wednesday, September 13, 2006

george gershwin alone

at the distinguished san diego's old globe theatre
hershey felder did a good job on the play
george gershwin alone

although i didn't expect this kind of play at all...
one-shot music play, no intermission
over an hour
it was different, good, but after all not of my fondest choice

and then he threw a little surprise at the end
& got the public singing along
freaking george gershwin's songs

which makes it the most fun monologue
-yes it was just him
that i have seen in a while

a well-known director
and nice work on the lighting
projecting old photos, graphics
and scenes from the 20's new york
over one long tailed steinway & sons
and a minimalistic almost scenario
of george gershwin's own...

the music
didn't expected either
was good to see & of course listen to
a piano well-payed by an actor-performer
he did the complete version of
raphsody in blue at the end
which is always nice to listen to, oh! live...

good night
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