Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A time quest

our lives are so beautifully fragile
some days I feel like am just a leaf hovering along thin air
it is a mysterious awareness, this freedom
fearful might be sometimes
but blissful while comprehending
you are alive

Life could just end like that
Life could just smile at you easily
Out of a miracle
Full of love and surprise

Life is a time quest

Who told me this?
"You are what you do with your time in your life"

Write, write, write? You are writer
(no matter they haven’t publish you yet)
click, click, click? A photographer
(no matter if your photos are that good or not)
think, think, think? A thinker
(hopefully a righteous one)
smile, smile, smile? then you are fine…
or crazy, but that works, anyhow

And today I spent some of my time
Reading this interesting & engaging non-fiction book
So far page 299 and I can’t wait to finish it
Thanks again miss d for the recommendation!
And Erik Larson for writing it

The stories of the development of 1893’s Chicago’s World Fair and an American serial killer Holmes are tangled in this engaging and compelling story of the horrors and delights of human nature… and it all happened, not even that long ago (about 113 years), if you think globally, they were all our human fellows in Chicago, not that far either, the same planet & species… read the story, you won’t regret it The Devil in the White City

my blurry dinner
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