Wednesday, December 20, 2006


i found these photographs of myself from 2001!
when obviously i had not much to do
but to take pictures of myself
with my new spiritualized t-shirt *yawn*
yet, i am glad i've found them!
a reminder of
& yeah! spiritualized!!!!
another superb band

because they rock!
& i still proudly wear their t-shirt
a present that perro got me back in london
at one of their shows in 2001

i have seen spiritualized 3 times live
once in a small record store in San Diego
& the t-shirt, somehow still fits, i am just not as vain anymore

and please don't miss this video
make yourself a musical favor because
it is an orgasmic performance!
an spiritualized one
stay on queu till the finale, and...
come together... oh! yes!

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