Friday, December 01, 2006

red-headed woman

Red-Headed Woman is re-running on Turner Classic Movies
this coming Monday, December 4, 06 at midnight
(meaning Tuesday 5, at the beginning of the day)
here a movie with old comment I made from the TV a while ago
stayed tuned until the end of the movie for a funny conversation

...this is a fragment of one of my favorite old movies Red-Headed Woman from 1932 with lovely Jean Harlow, i like this movie so much that i even died my hair red once, of course didn't have the results of adorable Jean (and thank god 'cause she did get into a lot of trouble) a superb movie from early charming Hollywood showing a whole deal of passion for those days, here its musical theme, the movie is bad quality because it is recorded from the tube but that's why i am able to uploaded here, such bad quality and cropping can't be copyrighted huh?...

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