Saturday, September 16, 2006

the end of the summer

5 hrs broiled
tuna aji w/tangy sauce
3 women

the dying sun
and a soft almost obscene soft pink
background came
fluffy bubbles left by a small fuzzy octopuss on my chair

grilled brie w/custard and bed of sweet peaches
we ate
shiskabas (beef & chicken)
and some memories of you
for a sweet marinade

i took a nap
that was the dream more
a sweaty short nightmare
under a sun of a-5pm
you & an another, unknown too siluotte
a woman
walking hand in hand

3 women then
my friends came...

and is that end of the summer fear
like when you finish a good book
of not knowing what might come next...
with the autumn now to me came...
that you might,
just fade

strange day
warm day
a bit sad like if it was a half day
an ending summer day
i think

some fever might be left
i think of a fever one
is my mid-day nightmare
tall woman & obscene pink dream
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