Thursday, July 13, 2006

crows cuervos

can’t tell why
but crows seem to be my favorite birds lately
and i am not into birds anyway

i just find them cool
with their lustrous shinny black coats
even in the summer

a reminiscence of being a the cure and depeche mode fans
not to mention sisters of mercy

i bet crows like to listen to the sisters of mercy
how can you be a crow? wear always black?
and not like the freaking sisters of mercy?
you must like them if you are a crow
therefore you have to be cool, eh?

probably hipster crows even like nin
and some other punk metal

then there is those sounds they make
that cooing that sounds so demanding
irreverent, little rude and impertinent

agggkkkk agggkkk they scream
for food and for your little
obviously-less-evolved-than-theirs-human attention

crows don’t like you
crows don’t like humans
and i bet somehow they consider us
minor species that they can use
since we leave everywhere trash and food leftovers
that they can eat
otherwise for them
we are disgraceful
with our naked skins without a lustrous black plumage
and our coward-like pitched voices

crows are neat
i miss seeing them lately
under the sun
against grass green
demanding for food

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