Friday, May 05, 2006

the octopus project (or the jetsons are back)

the jetsons, i mean, the octopus project are from austin texas (yet again genius sprouting from that city) and they played last night at the casbah in san diego

the jetsons, i mean, the octopus project (this is a different link from the one above, this is the one from myspace) play 'normal' instruments along with 'weirder' instruments, even a theremin (i recommned this site i found) which i have never seen being played before

the 'theremin experience' was like seeing a band from the 'future' playing in the newest jetsons episode (o yes they are not the actual jetsons but...), actually the looks of the only *and lovely* girl in the band are very similar to those of jane jetson! hairdo and all

don't miss them if i have a chance to see them, they are unique and fun to see live
here my favorite movie from last night but i have more more more in my youtube account

here links to the rest of movies (click on them)

movie 1. little movie of the opening track (masks & cute little outfits, tina said)
movie 2. she with theremin instrument of the future
movie 3. another one of her with theremin
movie 4. the last one of theremin
movie 5. an almost complete song (not the best track they played but good enough)

also here the photo of the jetsons so you can find the few differences between above and below

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