Tuesday, May 02, 2006

north park produce = ethnic market

North Park Produce is in el Cajon Blvd, very close to the North Park (o well the name duh) and Normal Heights area, very close to the 805 freeway and of my house (the important part, 15 minute walk and I am there, canvas bag and sweaty bills on right hand, like a lost child just found mom inside candy store… ahhh)

This charming store is a bit “unsophisticated” but as I have found that, almost all good produce stores are. And! And and and!, you can find everything from everywhere that you might want, from middle-eastern, Indian, Mexican, and south American items. You can both buy tortillas or pita bread. They have a convenient meat market and deli section too with fresh falafel and tabouleh to go! Their selection of cheeses: amazing, the only place I can find decent queso panela in San Diego

A good advice, unless you are buying a lot of stuff, do NOT use their shopping carts since they are quite outsized for the aisles' sizes.

North Park Produce, 3551 El Cajon Blvd., in North Park, San Diego

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