Wednesday, March 08, 2006

un-consciousness is glee while type fast on blank mind

hardly a few look-like-white-teeth-yet-are-little-plastic-cubes
carrying a sign, a typeface, a style
on their miniature square backs
with shifty strokes they
surrender tap tap tap at my fingers, strong

synthetic-keyboarded souls
scanty substance on the written
grammar and languages broken
reddish underlines symptomatic of bad spelling tickle

still my teeth and my feet
peregrinating to them
an unrecognizable jaunt arrives
body bliss on
just times and arial fonts
no raison d'être not for a good cause

as black stitches on a white skin
they appear random on the screen
letters, electronic-calligraphy, cyber-inscriptions

on my keyboard, on my heart, on my hips…

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