Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Short List, watch short films or… make one!

san diego’s state university proud tv show
do you get the sunday’s-night-before-working-again-for-a-week depression?
are you on the west coast and it is 9.30pm?
then forget the crudity of the corporate world you’ll have to face tomorrow and
tune in sd channel 4!! The Short List is ON!
for ½ an hour you’ll be immerse in a stranger world
full of the eeriest and loveliest yet short visions from all around the globe

The Short List highlights every week different and glorious short films


and not just that! you can actually submit your own films!!!
try their web site also on the submitting films button and read the wonderful words:

“The Short List team reviews work year-round at international festivals and here in california. no limits on year of production. no entry fees. films must be completed with all rights cleared for broadcast.”

i think actually the show appears in many other areas/cities of this so 'grande' country throughout PBS

hooray! and thank you short list and san diego state university for: movies, loony and short, multicolored and multihued, multi-fun!

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