Thursday, March 23, 2006

my vigil 40 winks

that fence
where siesta and vigil
once in a while meet
been balancing -top of it
a bird or a cat felt like
strolling on
just about to jump
convinced that if not
in any case
so slim this edge
will drop

all the time
can’t asleep
can’t wake up
during the hours of the day

keen on your few catnap
i just jaunting the same that same fence
not back to the vigil world
not able to fall asleep though

the fence is inhabited as well
for many images of old memories appeared
the time i was talking to my girlfriend
seeing her reflection on a mirror
back door

bathroom mexico city light
the electric one
combined with the 4pm one through window
glass transparent yet texture gave the idea of a green
a green one, washed out

the remembered the ride home from there
not a remarkable moment at all
a daily dose of soulful plainness
just a dot in the brain
reappeared i don’t know
and the talk was about? will never remember that part?
but the color of her hair and the light
and the love for her and her presence in my heart

and something like missing her now
she was dear my dear friend

and like ghosts that live on the thin edge of the top of the fence
many non-transcendental memories of plain moments
and they keep me awake
they keep asleep
they keep me alive

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