Wednesday, March 22, 2006

a lovely sunday at the padres bleachers (without the padres)

one of the most enjoyable gracious moments with my friend rocio while she was in san diego was doubtless the over-an-hour we spent seated on the bleachers at petco park watching the japanese team batting practice at the ‘06 world baseball classic on sunday, march 19, 2006.

the sun was stroking the little crowd of about 30 people, mostly japanese, and us, wishing both cuban & japanese teams good luck.

japan won the classic as we now know, and even with my latino background i felt happy for it. perhaps, since we shared with the japanese tourists the relaxing beauty of a san diegan day. still remember the shy smile of a very young japanese kid, and how dropping his big suitcase on the grass, getting rid of what seemed to be his luggage for a long trip, relieved he smiled while seeing his team practicing.

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